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And let it begin...

I'm Greg, and I've got music for you. I am owner and CEO of Golden Tone Production.

For nearly 20 years I've been playing music. I'm a writer/composer without real boundaries. From a very minimal background eliciting emotion subconsciously to complex arrangements blending your images with sound. I play with soul - I'm a passionate and drivien musician, but I - while I'm capable of completeing projects solo - I feel music can gain much through collaboration.

I've got the gear and creativity to write; I've got the discipline and focus to deliver. I have wonderfully talented musicians in my network to utilize any possible request.

Need a jingle? Easy. Can't find a solid hook for a pop chorus? Let me find it. Lead guitarist not nailing down what you're hear in your mind? Stop wasting precious time, and let me rock it out! From audio books to adult films - scores, compositions, soundscapes, vocal recordings, intros/transitions/outros, sound effects, and whatever else you need!

My company is designed to showcase your projects through new and traditional methods of music production. Golden Tone is our name, and our standard.

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