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And I'm back!

Hey any and all -

Took some time off, but I'm back and ready to write and assemble some music!

If the last track I added (Mid June) was inspired by my youth and the Mario influence, than this weeks track, Forest Transistions, is clearly from interest in history and the UK. It's a little softer, going for more of an emotional transistion from wide-eyed introduction to some Merlin character to, I don't know, making a friend maybe coming to terms with what you don't understand. Coming out on top is the basic theme.

Now don't forget that the tracks on this site are usually quite condensed so I could showcase more arrangement style rather than bore you with 14 minutes of the fairly repetitive or basic stuff!

If you have any questions about getting some music made for you, or any challenges, go to the Contact portion of the site and let me know!!!

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