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Start off running!

That's the best picture I've ever had taken!

Anyway, welcome to the new and occasionally abstract world of Golden Tone Production. Me, and my Army of Musical Miscreants, have assembled talent that has left the now quiet Halls of Valhalla envious and nervous. Stupid joke, but I'm getting to something serious.

I've never had this level of creativity - after +17 years of writing and recording, I'm sitting on volumes of musical styles and options. The thing is, I don't like looking backwards. I'm all about more! Write more, find more, create more, offer more, do more, live more, celebrate more, win more -- BUT work for less. Odd man out at the end, right? Screw that guy - you want him small!

You won't be able to find a company to offer the quality we have for cheaper. If you do, you're working with some A-hole from Nigeria, and you should stop immediately! I'll write you a song about Nigeria if you want some revenge. Together, we will make them learn!

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