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wicka-wicka what??


Time for some fresh beats, mofos!

Golden Tone is amassing music, tones, samples from the animal kingdom, ghosts in the attic, that god damn cat down the street that won't shut the f*ck up, space noises (at least what we think is going on up there), harmonies so solid we could get Bieber street cred (we won't), guitar riffs so strong we could make Bieber's balls drop (somebody needs to do something with that little fella...clearly I'm concerned), and beats so fresh your unborn grandchildren aren't ready for them.

Take your production to the next level!

Art gallery opening? I bet you'd have more luck with original compostions either playing throughout the hall, or have a VIP section, or some area for wine and whiskey. Don't let conversations and networking be choked out with awkward silences!! Let us fill the air with music.

Is your kid trying to put together a demo? Thicken up the sound with some pro's. Give them something to show off.

Need to score a movie/play/commercial/etc. you made, but you're don't even know where to begin? You don't need to! We do. We can and we will - share your thoughts, and choose your own musical adventure from all the options we offer.

Golden Tone wants to work with you to make your vision and experience for your audience.

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